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10 Unique Types of Glass You Should Know About!

December 15, 2022

Did you know there are multiple types of glass that exist? Whether it’s for your windows, doors, or any purpose, there is a wide variety of designs and properties you can choose from. So, if you’ve been looking to renovate your living space, but don’t know how to spruce it up, don’t worry. We’ve listed ten of the most practical and beneficial types of glass for you to check out right here in this blog.

How Many Types of Glass Are There?

Technically, there are only a handful of categories that glass can take the shape of. However, due to all the variations and mixed patterns, the subcategories are endless. Whether you’re looking for a fancy pattern or something more feasible and minimalist, we have it all. Not to mention, we’re fully insured!

  1. Annealed Glass
    An annealed glass refers to a float glass that has been annealed. It’s a process where the glass is slowly cooled by blowing strong air on one side. This helps to even out the surface, leading to crystal-clear glass.You can use annealed glass for your windows and even mold it to make other decorative designs.
  2. Float Glass
    If you’re wondering what a float glass is, let us explain. It’s a type of glass that is made when hot, molten glass is placed atop a flat, even hotter surface. This allows the glass surface to be completely flat once it cools down and hardens.Float glass can be used to create other glass patterns and can be cut into any shape your desire.
  3. Heat Strengthened Glass
    Heat-strengthened glass is the clear definition of ‘tough love.’ It’s a glass that is made by heating it and then cooling it over and over again. This builds up the overall resistance of the glass, strengthening it.However, it can still be broken into little pieces, which is why it isn’t ideal for exterior windows.
  4. Insulated Glass
    Insulated or coated glass is energy-efficient. If you want to go green, maybe you should consider this option. It’s created by joining together three panes of glass, all of which have a small bit of space between them. This space allows the air to pass through one end but traps it between the other glass.It’s an ideal choice for windows, especially if you get extreme summers or winters but want to bring the bills down.
  5. Laminated Glass
    Immensely strong, laminated glass is typically used for security purposes. It contains multiple layers of PVB (polyvinyl butyl), making it a shatter-proof option. This is why it’s also known as safety glass.
  6. Mirrored Glass
    Mirrored glass is a variation of float glass. When manufacturers coat one side of the glass with melted metal, either silver or aluminum, it gives off a mirror-like quality. You can easily see a clear reflection of yourself instead of the transparent look from before.
  7. Patterned Glass
    Manufacturers use special heat rollers to get aesthetic patterns on the glass surface. A glass is heated before it passes through the rollers. These heat rollers have prints embedded on them, like a stamp, allowing a seamless design to be printed atop the regular glass.
  8. Sandblasted Glass
    Frosted or sandblasted glass is wonderful for privacy. It’s a type of glass that is made exactly as its name suggests. Sand is sprayed at high speed over the surface of the glass, giving it that classically rough and uneven texture.
  9. Tinted Glass
    Rather than the semi-privacy of sandblasted glass, tinted glass is almost completely opaque. It’s an excellent option to keep the sun glare out, all the while preventing you from being vulnerable to the outside world.
  10. Wired Glass
    Being one of the oldest designs, wired glass is made with mesh wires placed inside of it. This helps keep the glass strong and fire-resistant, making it a popular choice in schools and hospitals alike.


Hopefully, after reading this blog, you’re aware of all the choices available to you. Of the ten types of glass mentioned above, which one would you most likely choose?

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