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The Basic Idea Behind French Doors

October 30, 2023

French doors have a rich history that dates back to the 17th century. Originating in France during the Renaissance period, these doors were initially used as large glass windows that opened onto balconies or gardens to let light enter the house, creating a luminous place. Over time, the design evolved, becoming a symbol of luxury and sophistication.
Today, French doors are popular among homeowners who appreciate their beauty, functionality, and worth.

What Distinguishes A French Door?

Traditionally characterized by hinged double doors, French doors allow for full access to the width of the opening. The installed French doors are commonly situated to open out into your garden, main entrance, kitchen, or patio area. That allows more light into your home, providing a seamless transition between your house and the garden.
A French door is evergreen for providing a beautiful, traditional garden door, security, and function.
The doors are set with identical glass panels without sacrificing space or efficiency.

Security Features.
Many people assume that French doors are not secure. However, this is not true as with tine manufacturing and designs have improved dramatically, making these doors the most secure.
Simba Glass takes pride in being the most efficient for French doors that are fully secure and designed explicitly with numerous security features, such as high-quality locks and fully adjustable hinges. Moreover, all the doors were fitted with double-glazed and toughened glass, making it difficult for intruders to break through.

The Different Types Of French Doors

If you’re interested in a French door for your home, various options are available. Although, the three most common types are listed below:

  1. External Doors
    These doors lead into your outdoor space. The external French doors can open both in and outwards with large glass panes that allow plenty of natural light.
  2. Interior Doors
    Fitting French doors in your home’s interior is an excellent way of giving the illusion of extra space. Stylish interior doors allow more light into your home than ever and add a modern way to divide two rooms, creating a more functional and beautiful living space.
  3. Sliding Patio Doors
    Some French doors are designed specifically to slide open and closed. While this is not the traditional French style, some consumers prefer this way because there is a certain charm to doors sliding open and closed.

The Benefits Of Installing French Doors

+ Versatility.
+ Adapt to any décor.
+ French doors are customizable.
+ Allows in plenty of natural light.
+ Home seems bigger and brighter.

Final Note.

Installing the right doors can make a significant difference. At Simba Glass, we are dedicated to providing professional French door installation for all our customers. Whatever design you choose, we can fit it securely and efficiently into your home so that you can enjoy the benefits for many years.
For further information, visit and contact us at Simba Glass (832) 571-5671


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