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Try These 5 Easy Ways To Get A Sticker Off Any Glass Surface

January 30, 2023

Everyone loves stickers. They’re convenient and stick well to any surface — perhaps too well in some cases. Whether it’s a cute smiley face or an informative price tag, it doesn’t matter. Because when it comes to taking them off, stickers can be extremely stubborn.

You can try to scrape, peel, or even rip it off, but stickers can be too much of a nuisance to deal with, especially when stuck on glass windows or doors. So how does one get a sticker off of a glass surface?

Follow These Hacks To Remove A Sticker Off A Glass Surface

If you’re tired of your child pasting bright, colorful stickers on every single glass surface in your house, don’t worry. We know just how hard it can be. Not only does the adhesive leave behind streaks of glue, but it also messes with the aesthetic of your house. And no one likes spots or streaks on their windows, do they?

Be it your mirror, house windows, or doors, trying these five hacks will change your life and leave your glass surfaces gleaming.

  1. Spritz Some Rubbing Alcohol
    When in doubt, reach for a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Since it’s mostly used to wipe away bacterial properties, rubbing alcohol can be a big help in removing stubborn stains. All you have to do is saturate the adhesive label with the solution and clean it off.
  2. Go For Hot, Soapy Water
    The most basic method of cleaning glass is using a soapy water mixture. In a bowl, fill lukewarm water before adding liquid soap to it. Once it’s all mixed together, just spray the concoction on the pesky sticker, and voila! Watch the sticker remains slide right off.
  3. Soak It In Oil
    Believe it or not, vegetable oil isn’t just reserved for cooking. You can even use it to clean away persistent stains and spots. If you want to get a sticker off a glass surface, simply soak it in the oil, making sure the area is fully covered. Next, after letting it sit for a few minutes, clean it away with soapy water.
  4. Ice The Area
    You can also use an ice cube to stiffen the adhesive of the sticker. Then, once the area is neutralized, just scrape it off with a razor. This will leave your glass window sparkling clean, with no leftover glue to worry about.
  5. Try Nail Polish Remover
    Nail polish remover is bound to fix your troubles when nothing else works. Due to the acetone in it, nail polish remover works against the adhesive and breaks it down until your window is shining spotless.

Tired of Streaky Windows?

Considering how there are various methods to get a sticker off of glass, you no longer have to go to extreme lengths to clean it off. Getting rid of pesky stickers will not be a breeze!
However, if the sicker refuses to come off, even after you’ve tried everything, it might be due to the glass itself.

Nevertheless, with Simba Glass, all these concerns are pointless. We provide only the best of the best. So, if you’re looking to replace your glass windows or would like to upgrade to higher-quality glass, give us a call at (832) 571-5671. For more information or quality checks, you can visit us at our outlet at 16635 Spring Cypress Rd. Unit #489, Cypress, TX 77410.


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