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When Do Residential Windows Need To Be Tempered?

February 15, 2023

There is no doubt that windows play a vital role in protecting an interior from the elements and the presence of natural light. Rather than having large sharp splinters of glass raining down when broken, tempered glass is specifically crafted to break into small particles instead. This makes it a more favorable option than ordinary glass windows.

In residential buildings today, the use of tempered glass windows has become quite popular as it applies to several needs. Let’s take a look at them one by one:

To Enhance The Security

The tempered glass window is designed in a way that is very multi-functional. It has a transparent look with the addition of sturdy material that greatly protects your property’s privacy. When tempered, all house windows are much more secure and protected from breakage than any ordinary glass window.

To Assure Increased Durability

Tempered glass is a naturally robust and durable material. And when tempered glass windows are designed, they undergo thermal processing, due to which their longevity doubles, making it a more favorable option for house windows. Tempered glass windows are best suited to any windy environment as they are scratch-resistant and never let their glass break or damage.

To Create Heat-Resistant Windows

Tempered glass windows can withstand temperatures up to 470°F. Due to its high-temperature tolerance, this tempered glass can easily be used to manufacture kitchen stovetops and make bathroom shower doors. Tempered glass does not shatter when heated. So you can easily take advantage of tempered glass windows in your kitchen to keep your windows safe against high heat.

To Bring Versatile Designs

Tempered glass not only works as a superb sturdy material in manufacturing your windows but also serves best in bringing an aesthetically pleasing look to windows. Plenty of innovative and unique designs of tempered glass have subtle shine and grace and take the look of your home to the next level.

Wrapping Up

Tempered glass is an effective safety material specially designed to increase the security of homes and offers many other advantages. For an excellent tempered-glass window service that will instantly upgrade the look of your residential windows, give our experts at Simba Glass a call today on (832) 571-5671. Say goodbye to dated and broken glass with our reliable services – you won’t be disappointed!


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